3rd International scientific and practical conference PROGRRESS2023 - Geological exploration as a business.

  • PROGRRESS 2023 Geological exploration as business
PROGRRESS 2023 Geological exploration as business

27 October 2023

PetroTrace Company took part in the 3rd International scientific and practical conference PROGRESS2023 - Geological exploration as a business, which was held in Sochi from October 23 to 25 at the Radisson Collection Paradise Resort and Spa hotel.

Dmitry Bolotnik, Vice-President of PetroTrace LLC, made a presentation on "The market of seismic processing and interpretation in the current conditions: challenges and ways of development" at the panel discussion "challenges in exploration"

Alexey Shevchenko, Alina Yapparova, Natalia Savina, Olga Ivanova and Daria Vedmanova made presentations

"Analysis of the dynamic range of seismic data using "virtual digitization""

"Features of the construction of a depth-velocity model in the zone of intensive folding of Iraqi Kurdistan. Successful experience in the use of azimuth tomography"

"The use of VSP-tomography to refine the depth-velocity model built according to the data of the marine seismic survey MOGT 3D"

"The use of full-azimuthal seismic data in the study of fractured reservoirs on the example of one of the areas of the Afghan-Tajik depression"

"The role of petroelastic modeling in the implementation of seismic projects"

in the section "New solutions in exploration geophysics".

Ivan Shrubkovsky, Alexander Buzilov and Mikhail Ovcharenko made presentations

"Is there exploration in the fields at a late stage of development?"

"Full coverage of the levels of prospects in the planning of geological exploration in the conditions of the highly productive zone of the YULT Priobskoye field"

"Shadow areas as further potential for reserves growth or drilling activation"

in the section "Best decision-making practices in exploration projects".


Vladislav Bashkurov, Gulnaz Nugumanova and Alexander Semenov delivered reports

"Features of the use of stochastic implementations of the geomodel in the arrangement of the project fund in order to assess the effectiveness of business cases of exploration."

"Experience in automating the solution of complex problems when building ensembles of geological models for uncertainty analysis, or how to build 100+ good, but different geomodels of one object"

"Taking into account the relationship of LET correlation parameters for relative phase permeability functions in multivariate modeling"

in the section "Evaluation of projects at an early stage of development".


Konstantin Smirnov, Ivan Yakovlev and Alexandra Trofimova made presentations

"Increasing the detail of the image of a fractured foundation due to the construction of a diffraction cube"

"On the possibilities of seismic data in fracture prediction"

"Experience in constructing and using a conceptual seismogeological model to support exploration aimed at involving the hard-to-recover reserves of the Tyumen formation in the development"

in the section "An integrated approach to exploration and development of TrIZ to confirm business cases".


Anna Reentovich, Andrey Kuzmin and Dmitry Ovsyannikov made presentations

"The role of a conceptual geological model in the complex interpretation of seismic data on the example of a site in the coastal zone of the northeastern shelf of O. Sakhalin"

"Experience of complex geological support of promising objects from exploration planning to production drilling"

"Experience of operational involvement in the development of secondary assets in the perimeter of production drilling"

in the section "The role of conceptual and digital geological models at the exploration stage".


Dmitry Ovsyannikov, Gennady Sarkisov and Ivan Evdokimov moderated the sections "The role of conceptual and digital geological models at the stage of exploration", "Evaluation of projects at an early stage of development" and "An integrated approach to exploration and TrIZ development to confirm business cases".


The PetroTrace company is traditionally the general sponsor of the PROGRRESS conferences.
The conference is organized by Geomodel LLC.