“PetroTrace” has an effective integrated quality, occupational safety and health management system, which is included in the general management policy of the company.

A well-developed quality and safety culture helps us create a more productive work environment, improve labor efficiency, strengthen the company's image and provide additional financial and competitive advantages.

We use only best practices in developing health and safety management skills, creating a sustainable safety culture and improving overall operational efficiency.

Improving quality and safety does not only mean eliminating potential hazards in the workplace and fixing ground rules in the form of standards and procedures, it also means working seriously with people and changing their attitudes to safety, both on and off the job.

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Anti-corruption policy

In 2019, “PetroTrace” adopted an anti-corruption policy. The document reflects the commitment of the company and its management to high ethical standards of conducting open and honest business to improve the corporate culture. The policy defines key principles and requirements aimed at preventing corruption and complying with applicable anti-corruption legislation.

From July to September 2018, “PetroTraсe” employees received anti-corruption training organized by Deloitte. Online training and online testing on "Russian and foreign (FCPA, UK BA) anti-corruption legislation and practice of its application" was conducted in Russian and English in the company's offices in Russia, the UK and Egypt.

“PetroTrace” accepts reports of corruption by e-mail:, in person, or to the organization's mailing address. The company is guided by the principles of an effective system for reviewing and resolving complaints of corruption and preparing responses within the deadlines established by Russian law and internal regulatory documents.

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Responsible persons

To get in touch with us about our anti-corruption policy, use the contacts listed below:

Russia, Moscow

Elena Gennadyevna Alyabyeva
Responsible for maintaining the integrated management system

Phone: +7 495 995 52 30 ext. 304