Integrated projects

PetroTrace provides services across the entire spectrum from seismic data processing to production optimization. This allows us to implement integrated projects in which a single multidisciplinary team performs a range of works for one field or group of fields, which in normal cases are usually ordered from different contractors. Advantages of integrated projects:

  • Identifying the key drivers of the project and focusing on them from the start
  • Reduced deadlines of work, thus different stages can be carried out in parallel
  • Performer focus on providing the required end result
  • Increase the overall level of work by organizing operational interaction between team members responsible for the various stages.

PetroTrace has experience in implementing integrated projects for all types of fields, in different oil and gas provinces and at different stages of project development:

  • Exploration work support
  • New asset development design
  • Additional recovery of reserves at fields under development.

Multidisciplinary team of one of the integrated projects in the field of exploration.